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Entrepreneurs build the future, grow and diversify our economy organically. By becoming part of our Mentor Network, you are fueling the startup community and supporting the growth of the innovation economy, right here in the Midwest. 



Our Network consists of individuals from in and out of state with deep industry, investment, operations or entrepreneurship experience. Mentors in this community are not financially compensated throughout the program. They work with the companies pro bono, without expectation of reward or compensation. They share their knowledge and guidance freely and open their networks when appropriate. The success of the companies are a direct result of the generous contributions of mentors. 




- Strive to be a good listener

- Understand the value of paying-it-forward, give first, and expect nothing in return. 

- Are genuine and lead by example.

- Are direct, tell the truth but are not jerks about it.

- Learn as much from the Founders as the Founders from them. 

- Are responsive.

- Can hold information in confidence. 

- Know what they don’t know & are cool about it. Bravado is not their thing.

- Guide not control. Understand Founders must make their own decisions. It’s their company, not ours.

- Are optimistic and understand Founders may not be where they need to be but they may be able to help them get there.

- Provide tangible, actionable advice and avoid being vague.

- Are empathetic because they've been there. Startups are hard. 

- Challenge but are never destructive. 

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