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About Us

Impact to Date

In partnership with the NBA Team, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Google, we've launched an accelerator where we've connected more than 70 companies with right-sized capital, resources and networks. These companies have raised more than $24M and created more than 200 jobs in just three years. We've partnered with the Canadian Embassy to connect Canadian based investors with Native American led startups. We've also launched EllaStarts, a program that supports 167 women entrepreneurs. In addition, we've engaged in Federal, State and Municipality Advocacy efforts to increase awareness on the challenges women and entrepreneurs of color must endure when scaling businesses. Our Podcast has featured diverse founders discussing the challenges women and BIPOC face when starting companies as well as diverse investors addressing the funding gap for women and entrepreneurs of color. Our bi-weekly newsletter where we provide the latest news and resources for entrepreneurs has more than 4,000 subscribers.

Why Us and Why Now?

Most organizations working to close the funding gap for women and BIPOC entrepreneurs tend to focus solely on Venture Capital. While VC is helpful for "some" companies, it's not for everyone. We need more right-sized capital options so first time entrepreneurs don't feel trapped into believing they either have to be VC backable or call it quits. Our platform will increase awareness on the different types of capital available so entrepreneurs can identify which type of capital providers are best suited for them, increasing their chances of getting funded. Sharing stories through the podcast will also help us educate and increase awareness. We've launched programming to fill a need in the market, not because it was the trendy thing to do. Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how to start and grow a business, therefore we are able to develop our own curriculum, content and programming. We are also angel investors and LPs in early-stage funds with an extended network in the startup and investment community that expands from coast to coast.


We have built a strong and diverse network of partner organizations committed to our mission. From corporate funders like the NBA Team the Oklahoma City Thunder and Bank of the West; Philanthropic Foundations investing in racial equity like the Inasmuch Foundation and the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation; to Government Organizations like the U.S. Economic Development Agency, and the National League of Cities.

Mission and Commitment

StitchCrew launched three years ago with a mission to build a more inclusive and equitable economy in our region through entrepreneurship. We do this by partnering with organizations committed to building a more inclusive economy and designing programs that unlock the full potential of underserved entrepreneurs. While we would love to see more unicorns led by diverse founders, StitchCrew is not focused on helping the next big unicorn. We'd rather help hundreds of diverse entrepreneurs reach their first million dollars, learn the basics of how to scale sustainably and connect them to an extended network for leverage. This approach enables founders to have a pay it forward mentality creating a compounding effect in the community.


The fastest way to close the wealth gap for women and entrepreneurs of color is through entrepreneurship. Yet, access to capital and social networks continues to be one of the main barriers to entry. More than 80% of entrepreneurs never access traditional loans and less than 1% of startups ever raise venture capital. To make things worse, less than three percent of venture capital is deployed to women led ventures and less than 2% to BIPOC. Watch our Founder's TED Talk: America's Trillion Dollar Blindspot to learn more.


We are currently raising funds to support our 2022 programming which includes: - Helping 50 women entrepreneurs learn about different types of capital so they can determine and be matched with providers best suited to meet their needs. As part of the program, entrepreneurs will be part of peer-cohorts and receive 1-1 coaching on how to compound their growth to reach their first million dollars in annual revenue. In partnership with VEST, an organization connecting women across industries, regions and career levels, we will vest participants a one-year membership so they can expand their networks. Gaining proximity to other influential women will enable them to grow their network, be top of mind for opportunities, and learn from the experiences of other women. - In partnership with VEST we are launching VEST Women's Angel Network. A large part of the funding gap problem has to do with the lack of representation of women and BIPOC in the investment space -- Less than 10% of women investors and less than 3% BIPOC. As part of our Angel group, women will collectively learn how to source early stage investment deals, how to perform due dilligence, and have the ability to invest alongside other women. $50,000 Presenting Sponsor
- Engage with women entrepreneurs through mentorship - Opportunity to participate in the VEST Women's Angel Network
- Recognition on all our platforms (social media, newsletter and podcast) - Logo exposure as presenting partner and VIP seating at all of our workshops and events

$30,000 Angel - Engage with women entrepreneurs through mentorship - Access to VEST Women's Angel Network - Recognition on social media and newsletter - Logo exposure and VIP seating at all of our workshops and events
$15,000 Ally - Recognition on social media and newsletter - Logo exposure and seating at all of our workshops and events

What would be a win for you in partnering with us? We are always open to new ideas on how we can incorporate partners into our programming. For more information email: chris@stitchcrew.com and/or erika@stitchcrew.com

Greg Hallman

Greg is the Founder of Ocupath, an organization changing the way we train the next generation of workforce through virtual reality. Since his participation in our program, Greg has raised more than $1M in funding and is now doing VR training for the DoD and several Education Organizations.


Tabatha Carr

Tabatha is the Founder of Good Girl Chocolate, a vegan and sugar free chocolate which has been featured at the Grammy's and Oscars gift bags. Since her participation, Tabatha has secured funding from local investors and organizations like Beyonce's BeyGood Program. 





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