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Due Diligence Checklist

Due Diligence

It is never too early to start developing and organizing your Due Diligence folder. Having your documents stored and well-organized right from the beginning will help you establish a solid foundation as you continue to structure and scale your company.

As a rule of thumb, save any and all documents you think might be of interest to a potential investor, customer or acquirer.

Due Diligence Checklist

1. Pitch Documents

- Executive Summary (max. 2 pages front and back)

- Investment Deck (max. 12 slides)

- Demo videos

- Letters of Support

- Business Model Canvas

2. Formation Documents

- Articles of Incorporation

- Employer Identification Number (EIN)

- Founder Operating Agreements

- Subscription, Shareholders Rights, Table of Shareholders, etc. (if applicable)

3. Management & Organization

- Employee List

- Organizational Chart

- List of Advisors (or Board Members)

- Bios or Resumes of Management

- Employment Agreements (NDAs, Non-competes, Non-solicitation, IP assignment, etc.)

4. Board of Directors (or Advisors)

- Bios of all the people on your Board of Directors (or Advisors)

- Minutes of all board meetings

- Contact information

5. Intellectual Property

- Patents/Trademarks

- Copyrights

- Logos

- Appropriated filings and confirmations from governing agencies

6. Strategic Plans

- Financial Plans

- Marketing Plans

- Sales Plans

- Technology Plans

7. Products/Services

- Costs of Development

- Manufacturing Costs and Details

- Drawings, etc.

8. Marketing and Sales Pipeline

- Marketing Plans

- Customer lists

- Press Releases

- List of competitions

9. Contracts

- Sales Agreements

- Partner Agreements

- Contractors

- Debt Agreements

10. Financial Information

- Financial Statements

- Federal, State and Local income taxes (if applicable)

- Cap Tables

- Insurance Policies

11. IT

- Description of internally developed software

- Product development road-maps

- Production stacks

12. Legal Information

- Pending or potential litigation

- Regulatory permits, licenses or consents

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